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Gilly Gwilliams from Evexia (Kos)
Gilly Gwilliams
Founder of Evexia (Kos)

Evexia is the Greek translation from Wellness, and wellness is what Evexia (Kos) is all about.

Evexia has evolved over recent years. As an ex-British Army Soldier, starting out as a personal trainer in the UK, I always dreamed of living on a beautiful Greek Island. Through my own journey of self-discovery, I eventually found myself here in Kos and found there was more to fitness and well-being than what I had been taught in the army.


I discovered different methods and various teachings, and I found the importance of nature and adventure. The most essential aspect I discovered was people from different backgrounds and different perspectives who all had something valuable to add to my journey and Evexia’s concept.

And this is how the Evexia (Kos) you see before your eyes has flourished into many different branches but ultimately the aim of nurturing your body and mind on a journey of self-evolution.

It would be my ultimate pleasure to welcome you to take advantage of what Evexia has to offer.

Our Team.

Introducing our varied and skilled team, each member brings unique experiences and diverse backgrounds, yet shares a common objective: prioritizing wellness above all else.

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