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Pilates & Breathwork Retreat

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Discover our incredible Pilates & Breathwork Retreat at Sails on Kos, a 4-star glamping site that combines luxury and nature in perfect harmony. Sails on Kos is a modern, luxury tented-villa encampment nestled in an idyllic setting, very close to the beach. Ideal for glamping in Greece, this retreat is surrounded by lush green gardens and offers eco-friendly accommodations. We will be utilizing their elegant villas and glamping tents, providing you with a unique blend of comfort and adventure.

Immerse yourself in the serene environment as you practice Pilates and breathwork, designed to strengthen your body and calm your mind. Each guest will have access to a bicycle for the week, encouraging exploration of the beautiful island of Kos at their own pace. Additionally, we will embark on a guided hike one morning, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty and tranquility of the area. Breakfast and evening meals are included throughout your stay, ensuring you are nourished and energized for all activities.

The peaceful surroundings and proximity to nature enhance the benefits of our wellness program, allowing you to disconnect from daily stresses and reconnect with yourself. More information about the accommodation can be found in the links below, ensuring you have all the details to envision your perfect retreat experience.

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Complimentary Bike Rental

All guests at our retreat enjoy complimentary bike rental included in their stay, enabling them to explore the amazing island of Kos at their own pace. Tigaki is a flat resort, making it perfect for cycling, and it's only a 10km ride to the vibrant city of Kos. With so much to discover, from picturesque landscapes to cultural landmarks, guests can fully immerse themselves in the island's beauty. For those who are not overly confident on our standard 'city' bikes, an upgrade to an electric bike is available for a fee, ensuring everyone can enjoy the adventure comfortably.

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Guided Hike

Kos offers an array of guided hiking adventures that allow you to explore the island's stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. With our knowledgeable guides leading the way, you'll have the opportunity to discover hidden gems, ancient ruins, and breathtaking natural beauty.

Whether you're an avid hiker or simply seeking to connect with the island's natural beauty and heritage, a guided hike on with Evexia (Kos) offers an unforgettable experience. With knowledgeable guides, you can delve deeper into the island's history, witness breathtaking views, and create lasting memories of your explorations.

Outdoor Yoga Meditation

Pilates & Breathwork

At our Pilates & Breathwork Retreat, guests will participate in enriching mat Pilates and breathwork classes designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and inner calm. Utilizing props such as balls, magic circles, and bands, our sessions cater to all levels, ensuring a supportive and effective workout for everyone. These tools help deepen your practice, increase resistance, and improve alignment, making each class a comprehensive and engaging experience.

In addition to mat Pilates, we will venture into the water for aqua Pilates sessions. The buoyancy and resistance of the water provide a unique challenge, enhancing core stability and joint mobility while offering a refreshing twist on traditional Pilates. To further diversify your wellness journey, our retreat will feature guest classes in yoga and tai chi, allowing you to explore different modalities of movement and mindfulness. These complementary practices will help you achieve a well-rounded sense of physical and mental well-being.

Outdoor Yoga Meditation


Glamping Tent - Solo: €2376

Glamping Tent - Shared: €1555pp

Villa Tent - Private Bedroom: €1796

Villa Tent - Shared Bedroom: €1455pp

payment plans available, contact us for details


6th - 13th September 2025

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a payment plan, please contact us HERE

Pilates & Breathwork Retreat 2025
Pilates & Breathwork Retreat 2025
06 Sept 2025, 15:00 EEST – 13 Sept 2025, 10:00 EEST
Επαρ.Οδ. Μαρμαρίου - Αμυγδαλιάς, Marmari 853 00, Greece
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